Instructions for use: Improving the regeneration of connective tissue, overcoming the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D in the body. Increases bone growth in boys and adolescents.

Additional Information
Calcium citrate is involved in bone formation, blood pressure control and blood clotting. Bones help teeth to form, increase bone density, and keep skin healthy. Reduces the risk of osteoporosis. Helps the normal functioning of the nervous and muscular systems.
Active ingredients: Calcium citrate - 1100 mg, Magnesium carbonate - 100 mg, Glutamic acid - 33 mg, Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) - 60 mg, Vitamin D3 - (3000 M.E), Zinc oxide - 30 mg. Excipients: sucrose, flavoring (orange or banana).
Instructions for use:
It is recommended as an additional source of calcium and vitamin D in order to improve the regeneration of connective tissue, to overcome the deficiency of calcium and vitamin D in the body, to regulate the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus in bone tissue. The union of the fontanelles stimulates the formation of teeth and the formation of babies. Increases bone tissue growth in boys and adolescents.
Method of application:
Dissolve the granules in 1 sachet in 30-50 ml of warm water, stir and drink immediately after preparation. It is recommended for newborns and children under 7 years of age to take 1 sachet a day at mealtimes. For children and adults over 7 years: it is recommended to take 2 sachets a day at mealtimes. The course of admission is 4-6 weeks.
Side effects:
In rare cases, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Contraindications: Hypersensitivity to the drug.
Release form:
15 sashes are placed in a cardboard box with instructions for use. Order in pharmacies: Over-the-counter.
Storage conditions:
In a dry, protected from light (humidity not higher than 70%) and out of reach of children, at a temperature above +25 ° C. Shelf life: 2 years. Do not use after the expiration date indicated on the package.